This is not actually the beginning, but I will try to tell the story from the beginning.

After a year trying to make money online as a content producer and affiliate, I realised certain things about the industry that were confirmed to me by my mentor (more about that later).

This industry, unfortunately, has cliques with a few cut throat rogues and the odd hero or two. There are some great people in the affiliate marketing scene, but never forget (especially if they are doing this full time), their main priority, their sole objective is making money online and the truth is that many of them would sell their own kids, if they got commission for it.

Sorry if I offended anyone, if this doesn’t apply to you then great – you are one of the good ones!

PLR Content providers

I started in the PLR Industry in April 2018 I made a few $ with my own products and slightly more as an affiliate.

There seems to be 3 groups of Plr Providers and they group themselves as girls and boys.

Hear me ramble on about PLR Vendors…

Hear me ramble on about PLR Content providers

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