I understand why people ask “What are your rates?” but, I don’t actually have a rate card, that I actually stick to, as I find that every project is so different that it is difficult to charge a standard fee for the services that I offer. 

But, I realise that for someone who may be only considering the services of a freelancer,this may not be helpful.

So let me try to guide you on the fees and services based on what I have charged I the past. But please always ask for a specific rate for a project or piece of content.

Hourly Rate

Hourly rates work for some projects not all

  • Basic working rate: £25 per Hour
  • Skilled working rate: £40 Per Hour

Basic Writing

  • 500 – 1000 Word Article:
    • From £40 (Single Article 1 Revision)
  • 1,000+ 2,000 Word Article or Book:
    • From £70 (Single Article 1 Revision)
  • Longform Article
    • From £100 (Single Article 1 Revision)
  • Case study, including Client interview, research and design:
    • From £250

Find out more about my Case Study Writing Process in this downloadable PDF

Marketing Services

  • LinkedIn management; Including Set up and Connection growth and 1 Post/article per week
    • £500 Monthly
  • Landing Page and Email template creation (Includes Research / Copywriting)
    • £200
  • Campaign Development and execution:
    • HOURLY £40 
  • Backlink services  
    • £250 Management Fee
      • (Links priced individually based on DA and Traffic of source Websites and charged additionally)

I am always happy to discuss any opportunity based on its individual merits and I always try and look at what the client is trying to achieve, and that should be what you pay for rather than a single piece of work. If you want a lot of content or a regular stream of content created, prices can be very different.

So feel free to ask for a quote if you have a specific need.

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