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People don’t want to buy a hammer, they want to bang in a nail!

– Gary C. Halbert

Thank you for visiting my personal website. Here you will find some information about me, and hopefully some more information about things that interest me and hopefully you too. Enjoy your time here.

About me

As a 3 time Head of Marketing with experience working in the SaaS, Enterprise software, Health & Safety, Recruitment Technology and Medical Education industries, I enjoy taking complex ideas and framing stories that are accessible and relevant. My skills and experience across many areas of tech marketing and my roll-up the sleeves and get stuck in attitude towards work have enabled me to succeed in working across cultural and geographical borders in internationally-based teams. I believe that there is always an opportunity to learn and experience new things and to help others do the same.

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Other things I like

I made this bootleg of James Hype’s remix of Tyla Water and some samples of Fingers Inc. “Let There Be House” Which I am calling the “Let There Be Water Bootleg.

A couple of my mixes from Soundcloud below and my Instagram account a good 12 Inches

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