Redchurch Brewery Jan email

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 1

I have not tried their beer, yet… but I am sure it is great, to be honest I signed up to their newsletter through a social media ad offering ‘Free Beer’, I mean who wouldn’t, right?

But they hit me with this email on February 1st, and I thought it was rather well done.

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 2
Topical Title

The branded Header Explains clearly what they do
BEERS, MIXED CASES, MERCH = 3 Things they do/I might be interested in.
But I was a little confused why there was a second header in the form of the Image that shows me the brand name (again) but with the word Brewery
Are 2 Headers necessary – Couldn’t we just add Brewery to the top header? Also, I feel here by removing this banner image they could have got more text above the fold giving more of an opportunity to hook me, before I needed to scroll.

The email actually looks much better on the desktop view, but still works on Mobile.

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 3

The Subject line ‘Dry Jan is Over!’ A good reason to celebrate… but wait what if I didn’t do ‘Dry January! (guilty!)… Well they covered that too

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 4
Relatable well written copy

Truth That… I did a bit of a closer look at this part – I know very poor MS Paint Skills…

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 5

As the email continues it uses the same headline style Big Bold headline. Unconventional Grammar ‘!?’ + Emoji

I used to Hate emoji’s in Emails, but use them sparingly and easily understandable they do add value – and in the Subject line popping an Emoji in the Subject line really makes it POP and cut through the noise of the inbox.

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 6
Special offer

Some monthly offers. Here they mix up the style, now we have contrasting Text on a black background…

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 7

An upsell (I mean it is cheaper than the pub…)

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 8
Low cost Upsell

A low-cost up-sell, I have had these Pretzel Pieces and they are pretty awesome!!!

Again here the style changes a bit. Clear ALL CAPS headline. Short easy to understand sentences, to the point.

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 9

A bonus referral offer

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 10
personable CTA

I like this CTA, it is a really personable offer

I just like the flow of this email, it was to the point, Clear, interesting – Both visually and in the copy – Well Done Red Church Brewery!

Here is more of the desktop view

Redchurch Brewery Jan email 11

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